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Job Description

  • Welfare Officer -To establish effective communication between management and workers in order to resolve swiftly any and all differences between employer and employee or within the employees to develop the relationship.
  • To work for betterment of the employees. Work with both the employee and employer to ensure healthy and safe work environment for the employee. Duties like this include, improving facilities & services like, medical, drinking water, canteen, toilet, rest area, child care room etc and informing workers of their rights like wages, overtime rates, leaves etc. And communicate and ensure with management that workers are getting these services and benefits properly.
  • To ensure that workers grievances if any are addressed and communicated to the management. factory does not help workers select their representatives from themselves.
  • welfare committee does not meet every 2 months or once a month (depending on local law)
  • meeting discussions and outcome are not recorded accurately
  • Welfare Officer To teach and train new workers about their rights, privileges and benefits. no Worker’s welfare committee formed and no satisfactory workers representation
  • workers are not aware of welfare committee, the meetings and their outcome
  • factory does not have policy about freedom of association & right to collective bargaining
  • factory does not have trade union or selected worker’s representative
  • factory has not established a worker’s participation committee and formation has not been documented
  • role of workers participation committee is not clearly defined
  • written grievance handling procedure is not available and workers are not aware of their rights


(i) to establish contacts and hold consultations with a view to maintaining harmonious relations between the factory management and workers

(ii) to bring to the notice of factory management, the grievances of workers, individual as well as collective, with a view to securing their expeditious redress and to act as a Liaison Officer between the management and labour

(iii) to study and understand the point of view of labour in order to help the factory management to shape and formulate labour policies and to interpret these policies to the workers in language they can understand

(iv) to advise on the fulfilment by the concerned departments of the factory management of obligations statutory or otherwise concerning the application of the provisions of the Factories Act, 1948 and the rules made thereunder and to establish liaison with the Inspector of Factories, and the medical services concerning medical examination of employees, health records, supervision of hazardous jobs, sick visiting and convalescence, accident prevention and supervision of safety committees, systematic plant inspection, safety education, investigation of accidents, maternity benefits and workmen’s compensation;

(v) to advise on fulfilment by the management and the concerned departments of the factory of their obligations, statutory or otherwise, concerning regulation of working hours, maternity benefit, compensation for injuries and sickness and other welfare and social benefit measures ;

(vi) to advise and assist the management in the fulfilment of its obligations, statutory or otherwise concerning prevention of personal injuries and maintaining a safe work environment, in such factories where a Safety Officer is not required to be appointed under the enabling provisions under Section 40-B

(vii) to encourage the fonnation of works and joint production committees, co-operative societies, and welfare committees and to supervise their work

(viii) to encourage provision of amenities such as canteens, shelters for rest, creches, adequate latrine facilities, water, sickness and benevolent scheme payments, pension and superannuation funds, gratuity, payments, granting of loans and legal advice to workers

(ix) to help the factory management in regulating the grant of leave with wages and explain to workers the provisions relating to leave with wages and other leave privileges and to guide the workers in the matter of submission of applications for regulating authorised absence;

(x) to advise on provision of welfare facilities such as housing facilities food-stuffs, social and recreational facilities and sanitation and on individual personal problems and on the education of children;

(xi) to advise the factory management on questions relating to training of new starters, apprentices, workers on transfer and promotion, instructors and supervisors; supervision and control of notice board and information bulletins; to further the education of workers and encourage their attendance at technical institutes;

(xii) to suggest measures which will serve to raise the standard of living of workers and in general, promote their well being;

(xiii) Welfare Officers not to deal with disciplinary cases or appear on behalf of the management against workers: – No Welfare Officer shall deal with any disciplinary case against a worker or appear before a conciliation office or in a Court or Tribunal on behalf of the Factory management against any worker or workers.

  • Qualifications: – A person shall not be eligible for appointment as Welfare Officer unless he possesses- (a) a Degree in social science or in Law of any University; (b) a Degree or Diploma in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management covering Labour Welfare, as special subject,

Job Types: Full-time, Walk-In

Salary: ₹30,000.00 – ₹35,000.00 per month




  • HR Admin & Welfare Officer: 5 years (Required)


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