Geospatial Data Scientist Job at Esri in New Delhi, Delhi

Job Description

Are you passionate about applying data science and artificial intelligence to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges? So are we! Esri is the world leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and developer of ArcGIS, the leading mapping and analytics software used in 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies. At the Esri R&D Center-New Delhi, we are applying cutting-edge AI and deep learning techniques to revolutionize geospatial analysis and derive insight from imagery and location data.

Our team develops tools, APIs, and AI models for geospatial analysts and data scientists, enabling them to leverage the latest research in spatial data science, AI, and deep learning and solve challenging problems.

As a geospatial data scientist, you will help us create Jupyter notebooks showcasing geospatial data science workflows and train AI models for geospatial imagery. If you are passionate about applying the latest AI and deep learning techniques to remote sensing and GIS and love performing geospatial analysis using Python and notebooks, this is the place to be!



Train and deliver deep learning models and tools to extract roads and building footprints/centroids or detect objects in satellite/aerial and oriented imagery

Curate, prepare, and pre-process necessary datasets including remotely sensed imagery and feature datasets

Develop post-processing workflows, tools, models, and scripts

Annotate, label, and correct initial and intermediate inputs to train deep learning models

Write specifications for geospatial AI workflows and define what the solution should do

Validate deep learning and geospatial analysis models, tools, and Python APIs

Author and maintain geospatial data science sample notebooks using ArcGIS API for Python and other open source spatial analysis and deep learning libraries


2+ years of industry experience with geospatial analysis using ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, or other geospatial technology

Proven geospatial data science and AI skills with Python and Jupyter Notebook

Familiarity with Python libraries such as pandas, scikit-learn, gdal, shapely, rasterio, etc.

Familiarity with deep learning libraries such as PyTorch, Keras, or Tensorflow

Fundamental understanding of machine learning and deep learning

Knowledge of remote sensing concepts and experience handling geospatial datasets including satellite imagery, 3D point clouds/meshes, LiDAR, and other geospatial datasets

Bachelor’s, master’s or PhD in GIS, geoinformatics, geography, engineering, computer science, math, or related disciplines



Familiarity with software testing, unit testing, and test automation

Excellent written communication skills and experience writing technical blogs

Industry experience in software development or geospatial analysis

Familiarity with Google Earth Engine, GBDX, AWS Sagemaker, or other cloud-based geospatial analysis/AI technologies

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Company Location:  New Delhi, Delhi

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