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Job Description

Qwinix is looking for ETL Developer, there are total two position for it.


Coordinate with Data Analysts team to implement all ETL procedures in TimeXtender/SSIS for all new projects and maintain effective awareness of all production activities according to required standards and provide support to all existing applications.

Proficient in SQL Server including complex SQL, stored procedures, views, and performance/optimization.

Collaborate with data steward and Master data management team to perform tests and provide update to all ETL activities within schedule and provide support to all large data volumes and assist in data processing.

Documents all technical and system specifications documents for all ETL processes and perform unit tests on all processes and prepare required programs and scripts.

Analyze and interpret all complex data on all target systems and analyze and provide resolutions to all data issues and coordinate with data analyst to validate all requirements, perform interviews with all users and developers.

Perform tests and validate all data flows and prepare all ETL processes according to business requirements and incorporate all business requirements into all design specifications.

Develop all data warehouse models and prepare reports for all meta data integration into systems and draft all ETL scripts and prepare required reports for all end users.

Collaborate with all developers and business users to gather required data and execute all ETL programs and scripts on systems and implement all data warehouse activities and prepare reports for same.

Perform root cause analysis on all processes and resolve all production issues and validate all data and perform routine tests on databases and provide support to all ETL applications.

Develop and perform tests on all ETL codes for system data and analyze all data and design all data mapping techniques for all data models in systems.

Provide support to all ETL schedule and maintain compliance to same and develop and maintain various standards to perform ETL codes and maintain an effective project life cycle on all ETL processes.

Document all test procedures for systems and processes and coordinate with business analysts and users to resolve all requirement issues and maintain quality for same.

Monitor all business requirements and validate all designs and schedule all ETL processes and prepare documents for all data flow diagrams.


Key skills:
SQL Server and knowledge of ETL tools. Must be a quick learner who can learn TimeXtender/SSIS in a short time frame.

Good to have:
Knowledge of Microsoft Power BI

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